KAPREC - Heat Recovery Unit

  Technical Data
  Air-to-Air Heat recovery
  Completely pre-assembled and ready for installation.
  Savings up to 30% of thermal energy.
  Payback period, as low as 12 months, depending upon the fuel used.
  Minimum cleaning frequency
  Achieving temperature faster and equilibrium in each chamber
  All components which will come into contact with hot air are of SS304.
  Economical even for small machines, due to modular design.
  Clean fresh air passes through segment of heat exchanger (no obstacles in hot air passage)
  No reinforcement / replacement of exhaust fan required even at the time of retrofitting.
  Can be easily retrofitted into the existing exhaust ducts – no large scale / expensive re-ducting required.
  Heated-up fresh air directly fed into the stenter compartment that leads to virtually no heat radiation loss.
  50mm thick high density insulation is provided inside the HRU to prevent heat loss even when exhaust air is passing through HRU.