Programmable Logic Controller


FBs Series - Programmable Logic Controller
The FBs-PLC has more than 300 instructions which adopts a user friendly and readable multi-input/multi-output function structure. With this multi-input instruction structure the user can derive many types of functionality which other brands of PLC’s may require the use of many instructions to achieve this.


User Friendly and powerful instruction sets
Communication function (upto 5 ports including Rs232, Rs485, USB, Ethernet and GSM)
Upto 4 sets of high - speed spulse width modulation ( HSPWM ) output
Integrated high - speed counters with counting frequency up to 920 Hz
High - Speed timers ( HST ) Single uint with 16 points high - speed interrupt
Upto 36 points of captured input
Complete range of peripherals
Open Communication Driver
User - friendly operating environment